Reach California Planners -- Easily and Inexpensively!



Whether you’re promoting service, product, event, or class, there's no better way to reach planners, land use lawyers, and public officials in California than by advertising with California Planning & Development Report

Just listen to some of our recent advertisers:

“There is no doubt that advertising our Land Use Law & Planning Conference on the California Planning & Development Report website was an effective marketing tool. As a result of getting the word out to the appropriate audience, hundreds of land use affiliated professionals attended the conference.” 

 -- Catherine Showalter, Director, UCLA Extension Public Policy Program  

“Advertising with California Planning & Development Report quickly got our message out to our key audience. The process was simple and very fast--ensuring that information about our event got into the hands of California planners very quickly.” 

 -- Nora June Beck, Planning Associate, Congress for the New Urbanism


With CP&DR, you can tailor your ad campaign to reach California planners through a variety of text- and display-based ads, including:

  • The web site, which attracts more than 25,000 pageviews per month for both display ads and announcements
  • CP&DR’s weekly e-newsletter, with a targeted opt-in list of more than 3,000 people interested in planning in California, accommodates highly visible text ads inserted in the e-newsletter itself.
  • The bimonthly CP&DR newsletter, which reaches more than 500 attentive, high-qualify subscribers and decision-makers – and a pass-along rate that increases that number of readers to well over 1,000 – for clickable business card or double-business card ads distributed electronically in full color PDF format.

All ads – including the display ads in the PDF CP&DR newsletter – can provide live links to your website or other promotional pages.


  • 1-pack: Banner or display ad on web site for 1 week, text ad in e-newsletter for a week, business card or double business card in monthly publication for 1 issue: $175 
  • 4-pack: Banner or display ad on web site for 1 month, text ad in e-newsletter for 4 weeks, business card or double business card in monthly publication for 2 issues:  $475.
  • Individual Ads:

o    Banner or display ad on $50 per week or $200 per month. 

o    Announcements and job ads on $50 for first four weeks, $20 per additional weeks.

15% discount for CP&DR subscribers.

Here is the link to our CP&DR's Digital AD Specs.

Any inquires about placing an ad, please fax/phone Susan Klipp at  (805) 652-0695 or email