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Insight: Infill Projects Sued More Often Under CEQA – But Greenfield Projects Lose More Often

Everybody always loves to complain about the California Environmental Quality Act, but despite all the complaining we don’t now much about how effective it really is and what all the CEQA activity adds up to.

Rip Van Winkle Scalia Wakes Up in Koontz

If the oral argument is any indication, the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to rule against a landowner in Florida who filed a takings lawsuit against an Orlando-area water district – turning what appeared to be an easy victory for property rights advocates into a loss. 

Justice Stevens Leaves Distinct Legacy In Land Use Jurisprudence

Since Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement a few weeks ago, he has been hailed – and reviled – as the Court’s “great liberal voice” of the past couple of decades. But especially in land use, Stevens’ legacy rests with not only his ardent support of government regulatory power, but also his skill in mustering five votes, on a pretty conservative court, in favor of aggressive use of land use regulation.

Local Planning Funds Will Flow Through Water Bond

The old saying in government is that in order to understand what’s going on, you’ve got to follow the money. In local planning throughout California, that’s becoming increasingly easy to do. Local government revenues – property tax, sales tax, development fees, redevelopment funds – are in steep decline.

Deficit-Plagued State Continues At Full Speed On Environmental Regulation

The distance between California’s growing budget problems and California’s ambitious environmental protection agenda continues to increase.

The consequences of the state’s chronic budget deficit – currently $20 billion per year or more with no end in sight – continue to chew up everything and everybody in its path: local governments, transit agencies, the prison system, welfare recipients, school districts.

Schwarzenegger Operates On CEQA With Scalpel, Not Hatchet

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a Republican with a twist. As the governor enters his final year – attempting to deal both with economic woes and an ambitious environmental agenda – it appears that nothing has changed. He is going after the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in his own way. It’s legacy time for the governor. For better or worse, the Schwarzenegger approach to skinning CEQA may be part of his legacy.

Will $40 Billion Public Investment Create A Transit-Dependent L.A.?

Almost in spite of itself, Los Angeles has emerged as a city focused on transit. The big question now is whether L.A. can move from being a city focused on transit to a transit-oriented city.

The Reluctant Metropolis: The Politics of Urban Growth in Los Angeles


Author: William Fulton Published: August 2001 Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press.


Climate Change Adaptation Recommendations Result In Same Old Fight

If predictions about the impact of global warming are even half right, a lot of us are going to be quite literally swimming – or at least wading – through our daily lives in 30 or 40 years. Yet in the current debate about how the state should approach “adaptation” strategies, all parties are crouched in their typically unhelpful postures.

Regions May Get More Climate Mandates, But Little Funding

Sometime this year or next year, Congress will probably pass a climate change bill that tries to mimic SB 375’s link between transportation patterns and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And the bill will probably generate billions of dollars by capping emissions and placing a market value on them. But it is doubtful Congress use the money to invest in the transportation improvements and land use changes required to reduce automobile travel.