The death of George Floyd and the strengthened, nationwide interest in the Black Lives Matter movement has naturally and crucially highlighted urban inequities. Issues including segregation, economic disparities, environmental justice, housing justice, and a great many others fall within the purview of urban planning. Planners face, more so now than ever before, the opportunity not only to promote equity but also to correct historic injustices--especially those that marginalize and disadvantage Black Americans. The fulfillment of these goals of course involves Black planners. And it calls upon planners of all backgrounds to support the Black community.  

CP&DR welcomes a panel of Black planners to share their personal perspectives on the current historical moment and on the future of planning in the era of Black Lives Matter.  

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Courtney Brown, Planning Associate, Michael Baker International 
Warren Logan, Policy Director of Mobility and Inter Agency Relations, City of Oakland 
Eric Shaw, Director of the Office of Housing and Community Development, City & County of San Francisco 


Bill Fulton, Publisher & Editor, CP&DR 
Josh Stephens, Contributing Editor, CP&DR 


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Editor's note: Linda Tatum, asst. city manager with the City of Long Beach, was scheduled to participate but had an unexpected conflict.