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COVID Crisis Revives Tactical Urbanism

Berkeley, COVID-19, Oakland, Tactical Urbanism

Low-cost transformation of streets to public -- and restaurant -- spaces may help enliven city neighborhoods and revive their sales tax bases.  >>read more

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CP&DR News Briefs June 2, 2020: Prop. 13 Split Roll; Homeless Housing; Big Oil & Climate Change; and More

(in: News Briefs)

APA's Johnston Pledges Support for Planners During Pandemic

(in: Q&A)
American Planning Association, COVID, Planning Practice

Exploring California's Urban Mystique

(in: Blogs)
California , Cities, Los Angeles

CP&DR Podcast: Interview with APA President Julia Lave Johnston

(in: Podcast )

CP&DR Vol. 35 No. 5 May 2020

(in: Reports)

Concord Naval Base Deal Falls Apart

(in: Articles)
Base Reuse, Concord, Labor, Lennar

CP&DR News Briefs May 26, 2020: Housing Legislation, Homelessness in L.A., Wildfires, and More

(in: News Briefs)

Not Abandoning A Project Is Not A Project

(in: Legal Digest)
CEQA, San Jose, Willow Glen

The 'Demolition Man' Pandemic

(in: Blogs)
COVID-19, Restaurants, Retail

CP&DR News Briefs May 19, 2020: May Budget Revise; Transportation Shortfall; and More

(in: News Briefs)
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