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It's SB 743 Time!

CEQA, LOS, SB 743, Traffic, VMT

New traffic analysis mechanism finally takes effect this week.  >>read more

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Recession in the Pocketbook, Depression in the Soul

(in: Blogs)
Budget, Recession

CEQA Applies To All Enrollment Increases

(in: Legal Digest)
Berkeley, CEQA, UC Regents

CP&DR News Briefs June 30, 2020: Lilac Hills Rejected; Sober Living Homes; Coronavirus & Crowding; and More

(in: News Briefs)

CP&DR Vol. 35 No. 6 June 2020

(in: Reports)

CP&DR News Briefs June 23, 2020: L.A. Homelessness; Wiener Transit Bill; ParkScore Rankings; and More

(in: News Briefs)

How Not To Raise Fees In Hard Times

(in: Blogs)
Fees, Recession, Ventura

Do Black Lives Matter to Homeowners?

(in: Blogs)
Equity, Housing, Westside

AIDS Health Foundation Loses Again In Hollywood

(in: Legal Digest)
AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Fair Housing Act, Gentrification, Hollywood

Position Available, Santa Barbara LAFCO

(in: Job Announcement)
Job Ad

We Must Do Better

(in: Blogs)
Inequity, Racial Discrimination
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