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Will Biden Reverse The Trump Legacy on Cities and Development

Biden, Endangered Species, Housing , Transportation, Trump, Wetlands

CEQA At 50


How Much Housing Does California Need?

HCD, Housing, RHNA

What If California Stops Growing?


Close Call For SB 1120 May Mean More Focus On Duplexes

ADUs, Duplexes, Housing, SB 1120 , SB 50

The Missing Middle Is Real

HCD, Housing, RHNA

NEPA Changes Will Put More Pressure On CEQA

Ambassador Hotel, CEQA, NEPA, Trump

The Revolution in CEQA Exemptions

CEQA, EIRs, Mitigated Negative Declarations

California's Rubik's Cube Just Got More Complicated

Climate, COVID, Housing

What Does California Housing Look Like In A Post-COVID World?

COVID-19, Housing , Insight
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