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Is It Time To Consolidate The Housing Production Laws?

ADU, Builder's Remedy, Density Bonus, Housing, SB 9

The New Fissure In The California Housing Debate

Housing, Newsom, Parking, Transit

Are Housing Production Law Increasing Housing Production? Maybe


HCD Expects Review To Be Confined To San Francisco For Now

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What Exactly Went Down In Burbank Over SB 35

Burbank, Housing, SB 35

The Swiss-Cheese CEQA Era

Berkeley, CEQA, UC

Will the Legislature Reform CEQA or Just Weaken It?

Berkeley, CEQA

The Story Behind The Berkeley Enrollment Freeze -- And What It Means For Planning

Berkeley, CEQA, University of California

Housing Production Laws Put Cities in a Box in Court

Density Bonus, General Plan, Housing, San Diego

Why Thousand Oaks Had to Cave To Rick Caruso

Caruso, housing, sales tax, Thousand Oaks