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SB 743 Overrides Parking Concerns

CEQA, Covina, Infill, Metrolink, Parking, SB 743


CP&DR's Top Ten Land Use Stories of 2015

California, CEQA, Don Shoup, Housing, Innovation, parking, Redevelopment, Trends, Vol. 31 No. 1 January 2016


What Will AB 744 Do To Parking?

Infill development, Legislation, parking, Vol. 30 No. 11 November 2015


Papacy Comes Down to Earth on Climate Change

California, Climate Change, Don Shoup, Jerry Brown, parking, Pope Francis, smart growth


Most California locals are tackling climate change -- and using parking reductions to do it

Climate Change, parking


CP&DR News Summary, April 9, 2013:: CEQA Lawsuit Filed Against Sacramento Arena

California, fresno, parking, Redevelopment

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