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Revised SB 35 Guidelines Near Completion

HCD, Housing, SB 35

San Francisco Sets Aside Rancor to Support Housing at Potrero Power Station

Housing, Redevelopment, San Francisco

It's SB 743 Time!

CEQA, LOS, SB 743, Traffic, VMT

Senate Housing Bills Move Forward

CEQA, Density Bonus, Housing

COVID Crisis Revives Debate About How Public Space Is Used

Berkeley, COVID-19, Oakland, Tactical Urbanism

Concord Naval Base Deal Falls Apart

Base Reuse, Concord, Labor, Lennar

Will Telecommuting Stick?

COGs, COVID, Kern County, SACOG, SANDAG, Telecommuting

San Diego's Iconic Horton Plaza to be Reborn as Tech Hub

Malls, San Diego, Tech Industry

The Silicon Valley Battle Over SB 35

Cupertino, Housing, Los Altos, SB 35, Vallco Mall

Planning Meetings Move Online

Brown Act, COVID, Los Angeles, Meetings, Temecula