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Local Voters Around State Reject Development

Ballot Measures, Rent Control, Urban Growth Boundaries

Wildfire Danger, Housing Needs Collide on Urban Fringe

Housing, Wildfires

20 Cities To Deal With Land Use Issues on Ballot

Ballot Measures

Trump Judges Begin To Influence California Land Use

Ninth Circuit, Property Rights, San Francisco, Takings, Trump

Housing and Storage Find Common Ground

Housing, Mountain View, Storage

New RTP/SCS Documents Must Grapple With More Housing

Housing, RHNA, RTP, SCS

Newsom Signs Housing and Planning Bills

Housing, Legislation, Planning

Barrett's Only Property Rights Ruling: Careful, Narrow, Deferential

Fifth Amendment , Supreme Court

Lafayette Approves Full-Size Version of Infamous Apartment Development

CEQA, Housing, Lafayette, YIMBY

Los Altos Reverses Decision To Appeal SB 35 Case

Housing, Los Altos, Mixed Use, Objective Standards, SB 35
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