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Surplus Land Act Upends Public Agency Development Plans

Housing, North Hollywood, San Diego, Surplus Land Act, Transit

A $4 Million Fine On A 5-Foot Easement

Coastal Commission, Easements, Maibu

Updated Cal EnviroScreen Will Improve State's EJ Efforts

Environmental Justice, General Plans

UC Davis Aggie Square Project Battles Gentrification Concerns

Gentrification, Housing, Oak Park, Sacramento, UC Davis, Universities

Proposed Legislation Would Give Cities Fewer Excuses for Blocking Housing

Housing, Legislation

How Berkeley Will Move Away From Single-Family Zoning

Berkeley, Housing, RHNA, Single-Family Zoning

SCAG Shoots Down RHNA Appeals

Housing, RHNA, SCAG, South Pasadena

Remembering Carol Whiteside

Central Valley, Growth Management, Modesto

Sacramento Moves Forward With Abolishing Single-Family Zoning

Duplexes, Sacramento, Single-Family Homes, Zoning

Marin City Opposes SB 35 Project

Housing, Marin City, Marin County, SB 35
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