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Biden Housing Plan Mirrors California Efforts

Biden, Housing, Zoning

Emeryville Emerges As Bay Area Pro-Housing Leader

Emeryville, Housing

Cities, Counties Get Ready To Deal With Sea Level Rise

CEQA, Climate Change, Housing, OPR, Sea Level Rise

AG Targets Cities, Counties Over Housing

Attorney General, Encinitas, Fresno, Housing, Pasadena, Woodside

Inland Counties Are Still Adding Population

Census, Inland Empire, Population

State Auditor Targets RHNA Methodology

HCD, Housing, Population, RHNA

2022 Legislation Doesn't Inspire As Much Passion


Stadium Sites Present Opportunities in Sacramento, Oakland

Oakland, Sacramento, Stadiums

Cities Struggle to Comply With Tougher Housing Element Rules

Beverly Hills, Camarillo, Housing Elements, Los Angeles, RHNA

Ballot Initiative Seeks to Override Recent State Housing Laws

Ballot Initiatives, Housing, Local Control
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