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How Will AB 2011 and SB 6 Affect California Planning?

AB 2011, Commercial Property, Housing, SB 6

Fanita Ranch Project Approved Yet Again

CEQA, Fanita Ranch, Housing, Santee

Why It Was A Banner Year For Housing Legislation

Housing, Legislation, Parking

Anaheim Renovates The Road To Summer


Major Budget Surplus: Funds for Climate Change, Housing

Budget, Climate Change, Housing, Transportation

Mixed Bag on June Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures, Chino, Marin County, San Francisco, Santa Cruz

Parking, Commercial Reuse Bills Move Forward

Housing , Land Use, Legislation, Transportation

How California's Planning System Is Changing -- Or Not

California Planning, CEQA, General Plan, Housing, OPR

Biden Housing Plan Mirrors California Efforts

Biden, Housing, Zoning

Emeryville Emerges As Bay Area Pro-Housing Leader

Emeryville, Housing
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