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Exploring California's Urban Mystique

California , Cities, Los Angeles

The 'Demolition Man' Pandemic

COVID-19, Restaurants, Retail

Planners Should Not Let Density Debate Infect Their Work

COVID, Density, Planning Practice

The Dreadful Secret Behind a Nearly Perfect Commercial Strip

Los Angeles, Main Streets, Mixed Use, Urban Renewal

Solvang Reconsidered

SB 375, Solvang

Wiener Loses Again. Or Does He?

Housing, RHNA, SB 330, SB 50, Wiener

Remembering Neal Peirce


CP&DR's Top California Planning Stories of 2019

Housing, Legal, Legislation, TopStories

Bidding Unhappy Trails to the Old Retail Landscape


Mobility Revolution Arriving Fast ... and Slow

Mobility, Technology
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