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What Is Opposition To Duplexes Really About?

Duplexes , Housing , SB 50, SB 9

No Matter How You Calculate It, We Need A Lot Of Housing

Housing, RHNA

Recession in the Pocketbook, Depression in the Soul

Budget, Recession

How Not To Raise Fees In Hard Times

Fees, Recession, Ventura

Do Black Lives Matter to Homeowners?

Black Lives Matter, Equity, Gentrification, Housing, Los Angeles

We Must Do Better

Inequity, Racial Discrimination

No Magic Bullet in Hard Times

Budget, Recession, Ventura

What Christo Taught Us About Land Use Policy

Public Art

Exploring California's Urban Mystique

Books, California , Cities, Los Angeles

The 'Demolition Man' Pandemic

COVID-19, Restaurants, Retail
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