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Wildfire Danger, Housing Needs Collide on Urban Fringe

Housing, Wildfires


Wildfires, Housing Top Gordon's Priorities for Statewide Planning

OPR , Wildfires


How Do We Reconcile Density and Fire Risk?

Paradise, Wildfires


Insight: The Urban/Rural Politics of Wildfires

Calfire, Wildfires


Threat of Wildfires Should Influence Planning Decisions, Report Says

In Brief, Vol. 20 No. 05 May 2005, Wildfires


Southern California Firestorms Emphasize Need For Mitigation

Vol. 18 No. 12 Dec 2003, Wildfires


Firefighters Take Expertise To The Urban Edge

Stephen Svete, Trends, Vol. 17 No. 08 Aug 2002, Wildfires

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