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Are Housing Production Laws Causing An Increase in Multifamily Permits?

New Census figures show a sharp increase in multifamily projects approved in 2021. Are SB 35 and other new state laws behind the jump?

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Are Market-Rate Units Unwelcome In San Francisco?

The recent rejection of 469 Stevenson reveals rifts -- both philosophical and political -- in a city that no longer seems to trust the private market.

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Will The Blue Line Extension Transform San Diego?

The connection to UCSD is a great thing. But San Diego's geography -- and other factors -- may limit its ability to transform.

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Sam Assefa Arrives At OPR

The former Seattle and Boulder planning director returns to California after a 20-year absence to run Gov. Gavin Newsom's Office of Planning & Research. What's his take on California's planning issues? What did he learn in California that he took elsewhere -- and what has he learned elsewhere that he can bring home to California?

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Legal Briefs, November 9, 2021

A CEQA case from Yolo County forces an EIR, while an unpublished case from San Benito County says a developer owes fees.

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Costco Gas Station Opponents Confront The Infill Exemption

Tustin residents are trying to kill a 16-pump Costco gas station by challenging the CEQA infill exemption the city used. So far they've gotten nowhere.

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Housing Developers Look To Retail and Office Locations

Despite the fact that legislative bills targeting the process didn't pass, non-residential land is viewed as a potentially major source of new housing.

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Land Use Legislation Roundup 2021

Beyond the new housing laws, this year's batch of land use legislation is led by laws addressing wildfires, climate change mitigation, and transportation.

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Beyond SB 9 and SB 10

With dozens of other bills, the Legislature continued to put the squeeze on local governments in the housing arena in 2021.

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Huntington Beach Housing Decision Reversed

Judge shifts gears and rules against city in Housing Accountability Act case in light of San Mateo ruling.

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Cities Can't Require Developers To Prove Financial Feasibility

In case from Los Angeles, appellate court says burden of proof for feasibility in the case of density bonus concessions and waivers lies with the city, not with the developer.

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Newsom Signs 27 More Housing Bills

Following up on his high-profile signing of Senate Bills 9 and 10, along with several others, last week, Newsom signed 27 bills related to housing earlier this week.

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How Will SB 9 Affect Planning in California?

It ends single-family zoning and clips the wings of local governments. But the bottom line is probably thousands of units, not hundreds of thousands of units.

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Most Housing Bills Make It To Newsom's Desk

If the governor signs them all, it could represent another big shift in state-local relations on housing.

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Appellate Court Upholds HAA's Objective Design Standards

Reversing lower court, First District rules San Mateo's "stepback" requirement was not specific enough and required discretion to apply.

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California Is Densifying

New Census analysis shows that all metro areas across the state are increasing their densities.

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