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Appellate Judge Grows Impatient With CEQA

Still, some jurists still focus on expanding the law, creating a kind of schism in the appellate courts. Will the Legislature step in to clarify? Not likely.

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State Rewards Housing-Friendly Cities with "Prohousing" Designation

Seven cities will now get preference for state housing programs -- and more cities will soon be designated.

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Legal Brief: Ventura Fill Excavation Case Published

Court found that developer had not pursued all administrative remedies before suing.

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Important Livermore Housing Ruling Published

Among other things, the appellate ruling found that Livermore's design standards are not objective and therefore cannot be used to deny an affordable housing project.

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Court Still Down in the Weeds on Visual Impact of New Capitol Structure

But appellate justices say state was correct that aesthetics is a subjective matter and not inherently a significant impact.

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Oil Companies File CEQA Lawsuits Against L.A. Drilling Ban

Several oil companies have filed suit against the City of Los Angeles, claiming the city’s recent ban on oil and gas drilling violates the California Environmental Quality Act. Among other things, they claim the city should have taken into account the environmental impact of obtaining more oil and gas products from other locations once the drilling in the city has ceased, since the oil companies say the drilling ban will not affect demand for oil and gas.

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Measuring California's Jobs-Housing Balance

The American Planning Association bestowed its highest academic award on to an article by two California-based researchers who seek to describe the elusive relationship between California's job centers and housing.

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Transportation, Climate Change Programs Take Hits in Newsom's Budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a 2023-24 budget that slashes over $22 billion of intended spending in order to accommodate what is expected to be lower tax revenues.

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Housing Accountability Act Helps Sink Challenge To Downtown Livermore Project

A challenge to a major downtown Livermore affordable housing project has failed in large part due to the Housing Accountability Act, especially the objective standards provisions. And the fact that the project was in a specific plan area helped bulletproof it against legal challenge under the California Environmental Quality Act.

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Unexpected Fill Removal Doesn't Lead To Eminent Domain

Developer's ignorance of appeals process means administrative remedies were not exhausted.

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New Scoping Plan Will Tighten Screws On VMT

In spite of the California’s move toward electric vehicles, the Air Resources Board’s new scoping plan doesn’t let up on reduction in vehicle miles traveled – indicating that the state will continue to push local governments on land-use policies to reduce driving. CARB’s new goal of carbon neutrality by 2045 could also turn environmental analysis upside down under the California Environmental Quality Act. The scoping plan calls for a 25% reduction in VMT from 1990 levels by 2030, and 30% by 2040. These could conceivably turn into significance thresholds for CEQA purposes.

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Malicious Prosecution Suit Against Prominent CEQA Lawyer Moves Forward

Appellate court rejected anti-SLAPP motion, saying San Anselmo lawsuit was meritless and lawyer was "indifferent".

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Is CEQA Headed Down A Path To Analyzing Socioeconomic Impacts?

Tentative People's Park ruling raises specter of NIMBYs using demographic information to challenge projects.

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The Top Stories of 2022

SB 9 implementation, Builder's Remedy, the Berkeley enrollment case and more highlighted this year's planning and development news.

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Land Use Laws Override Political Reform Act

In yet another loss, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation had tried to overturn every land-use decision the City of Los Angeles made while corrupt councilmembers were on the land use committee.

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Economic Headwinds Push Back on State Housing Goals

Inflation, high interest rates, and other rising costs of construction threaten to nullify recently adopted laws and policies meant to alleviate California's housing crisis.

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Court Gets Down In The Weeds On Capitol CEQA Case

In striking down Capitol Annex EIR, Third District tells the state which visuals to use and which alternatives to examine.

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