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Legal Digest

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Landowner Wins Takings Victory In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, Takings

A 35-Year Battle In Pismo Beach

Housing, LAFCO, Pismo Beach, Water

San Jose Violated CEQA Notification Rule, But ...

CEQA, Microsoft, San Jose

Who Decides Whether California Misjudged the Bay Area's Housing Needs? (And Why It Matters)

Housing, RHNA, SB 35, SB 828, YIMBY

Redwood City Can Transfer Redevelopment Housing Funds

Housing, Redevelopment, Redwood City

Laguna Beach Homeowner Must Tear Down Seawall

Coastal Commission, Laguna Beach

Fresno County Must Throw Out Friant Ranch Approvals

CEQA, Fresno County

Fort Ord Project Moves Forward Without Redevelopment Funds

Fort Ord, Housing, Monterey County, Redevelopment

CEQA Challenge to Granite Bay Storage Facility Is Moot

CEQA, Conditional Use Permit, Granite Bay, Mootness, Placer County

Brentwood Again Loses Redevelopment Case

Brentwood, Redevelopment
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