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CEQA Applies To All Enrollment Increases

Berkeley, CEQA, UC Regents

AIDS Health Foundation Loses Again In Hollywood

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Fair Housing Act, Gentrification, Hollywood

Environmentalists Beat San Diego County on CAP Again

CEQA, Climate Action Plans, San Diego County

Development Agreement Trumps Vesting Tentative Map

Development Agreements, Murrieta, Vesting Tentative Maps, WRCOG

Not Abandoning A Project Is Not A Project

CEQA, San Jose, Willow Glen

Sacramento Councilmember Wasn't Neutral In Quasi-Judiclal Action

Conditional Use Permit, Quasi-Judicial, Sacramento

High CEQA Baseline Upheld

Baseline, Carson, CEQA, Wilmington

Ban On New Mailbu Vineyards Upheld

Agriculture, Coastal Commission, Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains, Vineyards

Appellate Court Upholds Overturning Agoura Hills Project Approval

Agoura Hills, CEQA, Mixed Use, Native Plants, Oak Trees

San Diego Homeless Facility Moves Forward

Coastal Commission, Homeless, San Diego
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