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How California's Planning System Is Changing -- Or Not

California Planning, CEQA, General Plan, Housing, OPR


When Is A CEQA Project Description Too Narrow?

CEQA, Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, Water


CEQA Judge's Lament: "Something Is Very Wrong With This Picture"

CEQA, Marin County, Tiburon


Cities, Counties Get Ready To Deal With Sea Level Rise

CEQA, Climate Change, Housing, OPR, Sea Level Rise


Can Conserving Land Be An EIR Alternative?

CEQA, Livermore


Legal Briefs: Project Descriptions Don't Have To Be Specific After All

CEQA, Project Description, SB 743


The Swiss-Cheese CEQA Era

Berkeley, CEQA, UC


Judge Shuts Down Fanita Ranch Project

CEQA, Fanita Ranch, Santee


Update: Enrollment Increases Are No Longer A Project Under CEQA

Berkeley, CEQA, UC


Enviros Stop Martis Valley Project

CEQA, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Martis Valley, Placer County

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