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Sam Assefa Arrives At OPR

Housing, Newsom, OPR


Cities Confront Environmental Justice In General Plans

Environmental Justice, National City, OPR


Updated CEQA Guidelines Finally Go Into Effect



Wildfires, Housing Top Gordon's Priorities for Statewide Planning

OPR , Q&A, Wildfires


OPR Releases First Update to General Plan Guidelines in 17 Years

General Plan Guidelines, OPR


Is This The Right Meeting? Really?

General Plan, Los Angeles County, NIMBY, OPR


LOS to VMT: the arguments have begun

California, California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, LOS, OPR, VMT


Insight: What comes next after LOS?

Insight, LOS, OPR, Transportation, VMT


Courts and OPR may revise CEQA sooner than the Legislature

CA Supreme Court, California, California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA legislation, OPR, Trends


Few Surprises In 2010; What Will 2011 Hold?

Housing, OPR, Paul Shigley, Redevelopment, SB 375