About CP&DR

A Brief History Of CP&DR....

For almost 40 years, California Planning & Development Report has been a unique institution - a publication and web site that serves the California planning and development community by providing comprehensive and up-to-date information in an impartial way using the highest journalistic standards. CP&DR is available to subscribers both as a content-based website and a monthly PDF publication.

CP&DR is regarded as the authoritative source on planning and development issues - required reading for planners, land-use lawyers, developers, environmentalists, citizen activists, and others interested and involved in the process of planning and development in California.

CP&DR is the only independent publication in the nation covering planning and development issues in a single state. Unlike other sources of land-use information, which are prepared by advocates or others with a vested interest in the outcome, all of CP&DR's editorial material is prepared by professional journalists with special knowledge in planning and development. 

CP&DR was founded by William Fulton, a seasoned land-use journalist and consultant in California. During this course of his career, Bill has worn many hats. But after all these years, Bill is as committed as ever to keeping you informed about the latest important developments in planning and development in California.

Our Staff....

Below is a list of our current staff. See our contact page for information on getting in touch with us.

William Fulton - Publisher

Josh Stephens - Contributing Editor

Susan Klipp - Fiscal Officer

Talon Klipp - Customer Service and Publications Manager