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Are Annual Housing Progress Reports Useful Or Just A Big Pain?

Annual Progress Reports, Banning, Hayward, HCD, Housing


HCD Expects Review To Be Confined To San Francisco For Now

HCD, Housing, Housing Element, Newsom, San Francisco


State Auditor Targets RHNA Methodology

HCD, Housing, Population, RHNA


Prohousing Designation Sets "A High Bar" for Cities

AHSC, Grants , HCD, Housing


HCD's New "Prohousing" Designation

HCD, Housing, Prohousing


How Much Housing Does California Need?

HCD, Housing, RHNA


The Missing Middle Is Real

HCD, Housing, RHNA


Revised SB 35 Guidelines Near Completion

HCD, Housing, SB 35


Stepping Down from HCD, Metcalf Touts State's Increasingly Aggressive Approach to Housing

Ben Metcalf, HCD, Housing


Southern California Balks at Aggressive Housing Numbers; SANDAG Cities Fight over Allocation

HCD, Housing, RHNA, SCAG

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