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CP&DR News Briefs July 17, 2018: Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Cap-and-Trade; SCAG Transportation Plan; and More


CP&DR News Briefs July 10, 2018: Bay Area Housing; Los Angeles TOD; San Mateo Co. Live-Work Balance; and More


San Diego's Seaport Village To Get Major Overhaul

Port, San Diego

CP&DR News Briefs June 26, 2018: Rent Control Ballot Measure; Clippers Arena Lawsuit; PPIC on Prop. 13; and More


SCG Considers 19 Projects for AHSC Grants

AHSC, Grants, SGC

CP&DR News Briefs June 19, 2018: Transportation Tech in Bay Area; Low-Income Californians; Electric Scooters; and More


CP&DR News Briefs June 12, 2018: Elk Grove Annexation Lawsuit; S.F. Scooter Regulations; Alameda County Housing; and More


CP&DR News Briefs June 5, 2018: May Budget Revise; Berkeley Historic Zone; Active Transportation; and More


CP&DR News Briefs May 28, 2018: ParkScore Rankings; Housing in Kern County; BART Nixes Livermore Extension; and More


CP&DR News Briefs May 23, 2018: Affordable Housing; SoMA Upzoning; San Diego RHNA Targets; and More