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Solimar Research

California's Local Government Meatgrinder


In Talk City, his collection of blogs from the Ventura City Council, Bill Fulton talks about the difference between talking and doing in politics -- and the emotional toll it all takes. >>read more

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CP&DR News Briefs May 15, 2018: Climate Change; Rent Control Study; Economic Disparities; and More

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The Sad Debate Over SB 827

(in: Blogs)
Housing, SB 827, Wiener

Book Review: Navigating the California Coastal Act

(in: Book Review)
Book review, CA, Solano Books

Bakersfield Looks Inward

(in: Q&A)
Bakersfield, Housing

CP&DR News Briefs May 8, 2018: Hunters Point Lawsuit; Sharks Sue BART; SACOG 'Green Region Plan,' and More

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Position Available, Ventura County, CA

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Job Ad

CP&DR News Briefs May 1, 2018: $2.4 Billion for Transit; Homelessness Audit; National Pollution Rankings; and More

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Yelp in My Backyard

(in: Blogs)
Bay Area, Housing, Silicon Valley, YIMBY

CP&DR Vol. 33 No. 4 April 2018

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California's Local Government Meatgrinder

Books, Ventura