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Solimar Research

Insight: Bifurcated California

Coastal, Housing, Inland,

There are two Californias: The dense one and the sprawling one. Can they get along? >>read more

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2016 California APA Chapter Awards

(in: News Briefs)

Some Tidbits From Cal APA

(in: Articles)
Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Medical Marijuana, Pasadena, SB 743

Paradigm Shift on the California Riviera

(in: Blogs)
Jobs Housing Imbalance, Santa Barbara, Vehicle Miles Traveled

SGC Criticized On Scoring for Senior Projects

(in: News Briefs)
Affordable Housing, Senior Housing, Strategic Growth Council

Mello Funds Can Replace General Tax Revenue

(in: Legal Digest)
BIA, Mello-Roos, San Ramon

CP&DR News Briefs October 17, 2016: Oakland Resilience Strategy; S.F. Bay Ecosystem; San Diego Community Plans; and More

(in: News Briefs)

California Voters Face Bumper Crop of Land Use Ballot Measures

(in: Featured Article)
Ballot Measures, California Propositions, Infrastructure, Marijuana , Rent Control

Massive Development Sparks Border War between San Jose, Santa Clara

(in: Articles)
CEQA, Housing, San Jose, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley

Future Redevelopment Housing Setaside Payments Can't Be Honored

(in: Legal Digest)
Housing, Redevelopment

CP&DR News Briefs October 10, 2016: Santa Ana Wins APA Award; Sacramento Arena Opens; Anaheim Redevelopment; and More

(in: News Briefs)
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