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Solimar Research

Newsom Proposes Sweeping Changes on RHNA, Housing Elements

Housing Housing Element, RHNA

Budget proposes $500 million carrot for housing production but significant sticks for failing to hit the mark.  >>read more

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CP&DR News Briefs January 15, 2019: SB 2 Planning Grants; VMT Metrics; Gov.'s Environmental Leadership Awards, and More

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Legal Briefs

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Infill Exemption Upheld for 8-Unit Project

(in: Legal Digest)
CEQA, Infill, St. Helena

McKinley Village Project Moves Forward

(in: Legal Digest)
CEQA, Infill, Sacramento, Traffic

The Land-Use Legacy of Jerry Brown

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High Speed Rail, Jerry Brown, Transbay Terminal

Newsom Proposes Sweeping Changes on RHNA, Housing Elements

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Housing, Housing Element, RHNA

Yet More Detail for EIRs

(in: Legal Digest)
Air Quality, California Supreme Court, CEQA, Fresno County, Friant Ranch

CP&DR News Briefs January 8, 2019: Oakland Affordable Housing; Possible Bay Delta Plan Lawsuit; Greenhouse Gas Analysis; and More

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CP&DR Vol. 33 No. 12 December 2018

(in: Reports)

CP&DR News Briefs December 25, 2018: Sacramento TOD Restrictions; Tres Hermanos Ranch Battle; Wildfire Hazards; and More

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