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Solimar Research

New Leader Shakes Up San Diego Regional Planning

Hasan Ikrata, Regional Transportation Plan, SANDAG

New leadership seeks to revamp embattled Regional Transportation Plan for the San Diego Association of Governments -- and it could have statewide implications for SB375 planning.  >>read more

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CP&DR News Briefs August 12, 2019: "Sue the Suburbs;" San Diego Specific Plans; HCD vs. Cupertino; and More

(in: News Briefs)

Housing Crisis Turns School Districts Into Developers

(in: Articles)
Berkeley, Housing , Mountain View, San Francisco, San Jose, Schools

CP&DR News Briefs August 6, 2019: San Diego Upzoning; HSR Shakeups; Wildfire Risk Assessment, and More

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Position Available, Santa Cruz County

(in: Job Announcement)
Job Ad, Santa Cruz County

Truckee to Transform Downtown with Railyard Redevelopment

(in: Articles)
Infill , Rail Yards , Sierra Nevada , Truckee

CP&DR News Briefs July 30, 2019: Caltrain Expansion; HUD vs. Los Angeles; Residential Permitting Plummets; and More

(in: News Briefs)

Ellis Act Dictates CEQA Baseline

(in: Legal Digest)
CEQA, Ellis Act, Hollywood

San Diego County's Approval Of 40-Acre Lots Is Thrown Out

(in: Legal Digest)
Julian, San Diego County, Williamson Act

CP&DR Vol. 34 No. 7 July 2019

(in: Reports)

CP&DR News Briefs July 23, 2019: Multifamily Shortage; Impact of Federal Tax Cuts; S.F. Zero Emissions Plan; and More

(in: News Briefs)