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Wiener Loses Again. Or Does He?

Housing, RHNA, SB 330, SB 50, Wiener

Remembering Neal Peirce


CP&DR's Top California Planning Stories of 2019

Housing, Legal, Legislation, TopStories

Bidding Unhappy Trails to the Old Retail Landscape


Mobility Revolution Arriving Fast ... and Slow

Mobility, Technology

Santa Barbara APA Report: How Localities Are Implementing SB 743

SB 743, Traffic, WRCOG

Santa Barbara APA Report: Clamshell Planning

Housing, Ministerial

The Coming Uberapocalypse

AB 5, Mobility , Ride-Hailing, Ridesharing

Thunberg's Voyage May Be a Stunt, But She Has a Point for Planners

Climate Change

Scooters Offer Chance to Rethink Urban Rights of Way

Mobility, Scooters, Streets