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Solimar Research

State Begins To Push SB 2 Planning Money Out The Door

Folsom, HCD, Housing, Planning Grants, Redlands, SB 2


Streamlining the Housing Element System

Housing, Housing elements, Huntington Beach


Newsom's Budget Includes Fines to Spur Housing

Budget, Housing, Newsom


Raft of Housing, Land Use Bills Remain Alive in Legislature

Housing, Legislation


Martinez Wins APA Award for Promotion of Environmental Justice in National City

American Planning Association, Awards, Environmental Justice, Housing


The Paradoxes of California's Fastest-Growing City

Demographics, Dublin, Growth, Housing


Will Slow Population Growth Help Housing Affordability?

Housing, Los Angeles County, Population, Riverside County, San Francisco


Chronicling the Life and Death of SB 50

Housing , SB 50, SB 827, Scott Wiener


Newsom Proposes Shift of Housing Funds

Budget, Cities, Encinitas, Housing, Infill Infrastructure Grants, Newsom


Congestion Pricing and High Home Prices on L.A.'s Westside

Congestion Pricing, Housing, Los Angeles, Transportation, UCLA, Westside

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