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Long Beach Plan Gets Sued

Planners thought strategy to protecting wetlands and promoting development was good enough -- but enviros thought otherwise. 

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Be Sure To Designate Your Preferred Alternative!

State Parks EIR overturned because five alternatives were proposed -- but none designated as preferred.

$5.00 Available

Environmentalists Score Points on SANDAG Remand

Case not moot, says a divided appellate court panel.

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Four Land Use Measures Appear on Local Ballots

After the intensity of the last few election cycle — nationally and locally -- if ever there was an off-year election, November 7 was it

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Get Those Annual Progress Reports Ready

New planning funding will depend on up-to-date general plan reports, HCD director says

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Legal Digest: Always Sue The Right Agency!

A property owner who claimed that the San Diego County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan resulted in a taking of property sued the wrong agencies, the Fourth District Court of Appeal has ruled.

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Redondo Beach Expresses Mixed Feelings about Mixed-Use

Twenty-five years after adopting a mixed-use ordinance, the city puts a two-year moratorium on such projects.

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Legal Briefs: Oct 15, 2017

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Insight: The CEQA End-Run

Affordable Housing, Berkeley, CEQA, San Francisco, Santa Cruz
Forget comprehensive CEQA reform. In Sacramento and cities across California, the end-run is the thing.

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Land Use Legislation Roundup 2017

Given the number of housing bills that the legislature and governor focus on this session, it’s a wonder that they got anything else done. Nonetheless, they passed more than 50 laws related to land use this session.

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Legal Briefs Oct 15, 2017

Legal Briefs for Oct 15, 2017

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Nothing Unusual About Telegraph Hill

Appellate case upholds CEQA exemption for condo project.

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Four Takeaways From This Year's Housing Bills

What does all that legislative activity add up to?

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SMART Train Opens Up New Development Opportunities

North Bay commuter rail line may help developers more than commuters.

$5.00 Available

Google Goes Urban

Tech giant plans huge campus near Diridon Station in Downtown San Jose.

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Prop. 13's Vote Requirement May Yet Survive Upland Ruling Intact

A California Supreme Court decision seemed to upend a major provision of Proposition 13 and its companion laws. Exuberant as it is, that analysis is misguided.

$5.00 Available
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