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Solimar Research

Brown Signs Housing Bills

Housing, Infrastructure Districts, Legislation


Legislative Update: Weiner Revises SB 827 Transit Oriented Development Bill

Housing, Legislation, SB 827, Transit Oriented Development


Land Use Legislation Roundup 2017

Housing, Jerry Brown, Legislation


Package of Housing Bills Heads to Governor (Updated)

Housing, Legislation


Cities, Housing Advocates Take Different Approaches to Housing Crisis

Affordable Housing, California Environmental Quality Act, Housing, Legislation


2016 Legislative Roundup: Brown Embraces Housing Bills Large and Small



Brown's Housing Bill Goes Down

Housing, Legislation


Housing Bills Dominate 2016 Legislative Slate



What Will AB 744 Do To Parking?

Infill development, Legislation, parking, Vol. 30 No. 11 November 2015


In Roundup of Local Land Use Measures, San Francisco Wins for Most Contentious City

Elections, Legislation, Vol. 30 No. 10 October 2015

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