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California's Local Government Meatgrinder

Books, Ventura

CP&DR News Briefs April 24, 2018: Boring Co. Tunnels; SB 35 in S.F.; Shared-Mobility Tech; and More

Is SB 827 Really Dead?

Affordable Housing, Housing, Housing Elements, SB 827, Wiener

Position Available, City of Menlo Park, CA

Job Ad

What's The Matter With L.A.?

Census, Housing, Los Angeles, Population

CP&DR News Briefs April 17, 2018: San Diego RTP Suit; Los Angeles Housing; Funds for Homelessness; and More

Amid Raging Public Debates, Weiner Injects More Nuance into SB 827

Housing, SB 827, Wiener

CP&DR News Briefs April 9, 2018: APA National Awards; Feds Sue Calif. over Lands; Calif. Sues Feds over Water, and More

School Fees Case: Apartments' Common Space Counts

Impact Fees, Santa Ana, School Fees, Tustin

Developer Pressures Berkeley With SB 35

Berkeley, Housing, SB 35