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Position Available, Ventura County, CA

Job Ads, Planner Position, Ventura County

Livermore Looks Toward Valley In Rethinking Transit-Oriented Plan

BART, Livermore, Valley Link

Thunberg's Voyage May Be a Stunt, But She Has a Point for Planners

Climate Change

With BART Extension Imminent, San Jose Looks to Turn Suburb into Urban Village

BART, Diridon Station, San Jose

CP&DR News Briefs September 3, 2019: Google's San Jose Plans; Paradise Valley Nixed; Wiener vs. Cupertino; and More

Scooters Offer Chance to Rethink Urban Rights of Way

Mobility, Scooters, Streets

CP&DR Vol. 34 No. 8 August 2019


CP&DR News Briefs August 27, 2019: Coastal Estuary Loss; Fires Scare Insurers; Endangered Species Act Battle; and More

Project Description Must Be Specific, Court Rules

CEQA, Hollywood, Project Description

Will Trump Weaken California Species Protection?

Endangered Species Act, Habitat Conservation Plans, Natural Communities Conservation Plans, Riverside County, Trump Administration