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Solimar Research

Coastal Permit Conditions Are Land-Use Restrictions, Not Exactions

California Supreme Court, Coastal Commission, Exactions, Takings


New Supreme Court Ruling Proves Once Again: No Firm Taking Standard

Lake Tahoe, Supreme Court , Takings


Justice Thomas Wants To Go After Nollan/Dolan



How Scalia Found His Voice



Fish & Wildlife Created Physical Taking In Flooding Del Norte Subdivision

Del Norte County, Takings


Overflight Easement Not A Taking, First District Rules



U.S. Supremes Tighten Screws on Exactions -- Is Ehrlich Dead?

exactions, takings


San Diego Property Owner Fails to Win Tax Relief

Eminent domain, Legal Digest, Redevelopment, San Diego County, Takings


County Not Responsible for Flood Damage due to Poorly Maintained Road

California, Legal Digest, Takings, Vol. 26 No. 19 Oct 1, 2011


Demolition of L.A. Neighborhood Does Not Qualify as 'Condemnation Blight'

Cori M. Badgley, Legal Digest, Los Angeles County, Takings, Vol. 26 No. 12 June 15, 2011

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