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Housing and Transportation Aren't Separate Things

Housing, Transportation

Insight: Would Gorsuch Overturn the WOTUS Rule?

Environmental Protection Agency, Supreme Court, Waters of the United States, Wetlands

Insight: Trump EPA Likely To Repeal WOTUS Rule

Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, EPA, Wetlands

Insight: Creeping Incrementalism in Housing Policy?

Affordable Housing, CEQA, Housing, Redevelopment

An Old Slow-Growther Reshapes Himself As Trumpian

Growth Control, San Diego

Forward Into The Past

Ballot Measures, CEQA

Time To Tackle California's Housing Problem

CEQA, Housing, Jerry Brown

Insight: California Needs More Housing -- But It's Not As Simple As Supply and Demand


Insight: Will Medical Marijuana Cases Drive Land Use Law From Now On?

Medical Marijuana

Insight: Will Upland Ruling Allow Stadiums -- And Others -- Evade Two-Thirds Vote?