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SB 375 Environmental Review Upheld

CEQA, infill, Sacramento, SB 375, SCS

Hesperia Beats Special District On Solar Control

Hesperia, Solar Energy, Zoning

How Will The Knick Ruling Affect California Planning?

First English, Supreme Court, Taking, Williamson County

Alameda Loses Impact Fee Battle

Alameda, Base Closure, Impact Fees, Park Fees

Huntington Park Loses Charter School Zoning Fight

Charter Schools, Conditional Use Permits, Huntington Park, Moratorium

Cal Supremes Uphold Local Telecom Ordinance

San Francisco, Telecommunications

Marin Quarry's Non-Conforming Status Prevents Expansion

CEQA, Marin County, Non-conforming use, Quarry, San Rafael, Zoning

Rooster Limit Is Constitutional

Monterey County, Roosters, Zoning

Another CEQA Exemption Upheld in Berkeley Hillsides

Alquist-Priolo Act, Berkeley, CEQA

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