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Solimar Research

Sacramento Gets Tough Around Light-Rail Stops

Sacramento, Transit, Zoning


Temporary Zoning-GP Inconsistency Is OK, Cal Supremes Rule

General Plan, Morgan Hill, Referendum, Zoning


Court Upholds Referendum on Zoning Ordinance

Consistency, General plan, Lafayette, Referendum, Zoning


Zoning Changes Aren't One Project For CEQA Purposes

Aptos, CEQA, Santa Cruz, zoning


Revamp of Fresno Plans, Zoning Code Aims to Create "Next Great American Downtown"

Downtown, Fresno, Zoning


One Win, One Loss For Cities In Marijuana Cases



Denial of Upzoning Might Create Disparate Impact Under Fair Housing Law, Ninth Circuit Rules



Billboard Company Has No Case Against City of Corona, Court Rules

Billboards, Zoning


No Triable Issue of Fact in AirBNB-Related Eviction Case

Los Angeles County, Zoning


A Forest of High Rises Grows in Los Angeles

Downtown planning, High Rises, Housing, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Places, Zoning

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