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Solimar Research

Justice Kavanaugh's Strike Zone

Endangered Species, Otay Mesa, Supreme Court, Wetlands


Long Beach Plan Gets Sued

Long Beach, wetlands


Insight: Would Gorsuch Overturn the WOTUS Rule?

Environmental Protection Agency, Supreme Court, Waters of the United States, Wetlands


Trump Order Reframes Wetlands Regulation

EPA, Kennedy, Scalia, Trump, Wetlands, WOTUS


Insight: Trump EPA Likely To Repeal WOTUS Rule

Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, EPA, Wetlands


SCOTUS Wetlands Ruling May Affect California Vernal Pools



Sixth Circuit Issues Nationwide Stay on EPA's WOTUS Rule

Environment Watch, Waters of the United Statrs, Wetlands


State Water Board Devising New Definition, Policy for Protecting Wetlands

Clean Water Act, Featured Articles, Parks and open space, Vol. 27, No. 4 April 2012, Wetlands


Court is Stoked on Storm Water Treatment Facility at Malibu Beach

California, California Environmental Quality Act, Leslie Z. Walker, Urban runoff, Vol. 26 No. 11 June 1, 2011, Water, Wetlands


Farm's Appeal Options Dry Up

Cori M. Badgley, Legal Digest, Santa Barbara County, Vol. 25 No. 15 August 1 2010, Wetlands

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