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Tesla Motors May Recharge Fremont

Alameda County, Economic development, Larry Sokoloff, Redevelopment, Redevelopment Watch, Vol. 25 No. 12 June 18-30 2010


Cities Consider How to Plan for Legalized Marijuana

Amsterdam, California, Economic development, Featured Articles, Initiatives and referendums, Josh Stephens, Marijuana Legalization, Proposition 19, Tax Cannabis 2010, Vol. 25 No. 12 June 18-30 2010


Supreme Court Redefines 'Taking'

Coastal development, Featured Articles, Kenneth Jost, Takings, Vol. 25 No. 12 June 18-30 2010


Impact Fees Need Not Be Earmarked

Development impact fees, Kings County, Legal Digest, Vol. 25 No. 12 June 18-30 2010, William W. Abbott

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