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California Has Stopped Growing. Now What?


The population is going down for the first time ever. But California planning -- and its entire local government structure -- is based on the assumption of growth.  >>read more

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CP&DR News Briefs May 11, 2021: Federal Wilderness Protection; Google Complex; Caltrain-BART Merger; and More

(in: News Briefs)

El Dorado Ballot Measure Conflicts With General Plan

(in: Legal Digest)
Ballot Measures, El Dorado County, Exactions, General Plan, Traffic Mitigation

CP&DR News Briefs May 5, 2021: OPR Maps Hazards, Resilience Efforts Statewide; and More

(in: News Briefs)

Eli Broad, Urbanist?

(in: Blogs)
Downtown, Eli Broad, Los Angeles

Napa Quarry Wins Appellate Court Approval After 13 Years

(in: Legal Digest)
CEQA, Napa County

CP&DR Vol. 36 No. 4 April 2021

(in: Reports)

Surplus Land Act Upends Public Agency Development Plans

(in: Articles)
Housing, North Hollywood, San Diego, Surplus Land Act, Transit

CP&DR News Briefs April 27, 2021: Los Angeles Homelessness; San Diego Transit Hub; HCD Housing Element Dashboard; and More

(in: News Briefs)

SB 35 Upheld By Appellate Court

(in: Legal Digest)
Berkeley, Historic Preservation, Housing, Native Americans, SB 35

CP&DR News Briefs April 20, 2021: Cargill Project Dead for Good; S.D. Convention Center Ballot Measure; TOD Value-Capture, and More

(in: News Briefs)
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