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We have an opportunity for you in beautiful Half Moon Bay, California! You’ll be part of an organization that is all about collaboration, teamwork, and community. Each day, every employee of Half Moon Bay has a remarkable opportunity to enhance and improve the lives of the people who live and work here. Once you visit Half Moon Bay, you’ll quickly see why we’re all so excited about what we do – and you’ll want to join in that excitement.

Where the redwoods meet the ocean, Half Moon Bay is a unique locale with its own special charm and character. Our wonderful beaches, unsurpassed coastal beauty, and attractive, walkable downtown make it a year-round destination. Our community and neighborhoods are diverse, and our residents are fully invested in making Half Moon Bay the best it can be.

The Half Moon Bay Organization

Our team is motivated. We want to accomplish all we can on behalf of our community, and we are committed to making good things happen, together. We do this by keeping in mind the fundamentals: 

  • Fiscal responsibility - focused on serving the needs of the community, and supporting a positive business environment
  • A healthy, safe community – seeking opportunities for affordable housing, enhancing pedestrian/bicycle/motorist safety, promoting family health and well-being, protecting the environment, and supporting sustainability
  • Inclusive governance - operating in an engaged, collaborative, and responsive way, providing services in an effective, accountable, transparent, and inclusive manner, emphasizing a high level of community engagement and collaborative community partnerships, promoting diversity with emphasis on bilingual access, inclusiveness, and civic participation among our Latino population, and providing employee development that invests in staff leadership skills development
  • Attention to infrastructure and environment - preserving, upgrading, and maintaining City infrastructure and facilities, maintaining the City as clean, inviting, accessible and aesthetically pleasing, incorporating green and sustainable infrastructure projects and environmental protection and conservation, available deferred compensation program

With those elements guiding our actions, we have achieved great success - and we expect much more in the future. We achieve, we build community, and we are inspired to work toward a better future for our City. You can be part of the great things happening in Half Moon Bay.


The Community Development Director is responsible for managing the City’s activities associated with planning, building, code enforcement, and inspection. The Director will manage a $1.8 million annual budget and supervise City employees and contractors regarding community development activities. In addition to providing program planning, budget management, administration and operational direction to contracted Department staff, the Director will be responsible for ensuring a seamless permitting process.

As the City continues its development of the Community Development Department, the new Director will determine the best structure and processes for the Community Development Department. This will include assisting with the transition of the Planning Division to in house employees, building the optimum development process, and effectively coordinating the efforts of the employees and contractors into a seamless, high-performing team. 

You can find more information on the position via the Job Description link with this announcement.

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Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is an experienced, creative, and service-oriented development professional who has broad experience in local government development services. Desirable candidates will have a proven track record of effectively leading change, improving customer service, and building mutually productive relationships with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders and interest groups. Candidates with the demonstrated ability to coalesce the various community development functions into a highly-functioning, productive and collaborative team will be favorably considered. The City seeks candidates who are proactive and forward thinking, and are grounded in the best practices of development services. Successful candidates will be skilled negotiators with the ability to work effectively in a community with complex regulatory requirements and nuances. The ideal candidate will have the political acumen to work effectively and appropriately with an involved and interested community. While a technical background in development services is expected, strong management and leadership skills are of the utmost importance.


Retirement: PERS Classic employee receives 2% at 55; single highest year and PEPRA employee receives 2% at 62, with highest 3 years. Classic employees pay 7% employee contribution and PEPRA employees pay half the normal costs (currently 6.5%). The City of Half Moon Bay does not participate in Social Security, except the required Medicare.

Health Insurance: Employee can choose from medical plans provided through CalPERS. Dental Insurance is available through Delta Dental and Vision coverage is available through VSP. The City provides an allowance of $1,800 per month, which can be used for medical premiums. Any unused portion may be taken as additional compensation.

Dental and Vision premiums are paid by the employer up to family coverage. 

Other Insurance: The City provides long-term disability coverage equal to 2/3 of monthly salary to a maximum of $6,000/mo.

Life Insurance: City provides coverage equal to 1 X annual base salary.

Holidays: 14 paid holidays per year.

Vacation: Accrual of 12 days annually for the first four years; increasingly periodically thereafter to 23 days annually after 21 years.

Administrative Leave: 12 days per year. Sick Leave: Accrual at the rate of 12 days per year.

Auto Allowance: $200 per month.

Education Incentive: $1,500 annually for eligible expenses upon approval.

Deferred Compensation: Voluntary participation in ICMA or CalPERS 457 plans are available.

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This recruitment is continuous until filled. The first set of applications will be reviewed on September 13, 2017.