The top urban planning issue in California in 2017 was housing. You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading. 

OK, so it wasn’t quite that simple or that monolithic. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a topic that affected more Californians and that manifested itself in more ways than the housing crisis did this year. It came up big in the legislative agenda, with 15 laws passed out of 130 bills introduced. It came up in the budget. It prompted activism and creative planning (as well as some obstructionism) in cities large and small. It inspired us at CP&DR to offer our two cents on how the state can built more housing — and how Californians can avoid strangling each other amid heated debates over related topics like gentrification and over-building. 

That’s not all, though. 2017 was also the year cities prepared for legalized marijuana, grappled with the election of Donald Trump, envisioned dystopias, and made progress on nice things such as freeway caps. 

For an informal guide to the interest sand concerns of planners and urbanists statewide, herewith are CP&DR’s most popular stories — by readership — of 2017 by category. 

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News & Features 

Bills Seek to Streamline Approvals, Tighten Up Housing Element Lists

Budget Draft Includes Policy Principles, but Little Money, for Housing

Cities, Housing Advocates Take Different Approaches to Housing Crisis

Post-Recession, Master Planned Communities Come Back to Life

Post-Prop. 64, California Cities Consider How to Go Green

Package of Housing Bills Heads to Governor (Updated)

Fort Ord Design Guidelines Draw National Attention 

Freeway Caps May Reshape California Urban Areas

Dispute over Gas Station Erupts into Legal Battle in Sacramento

OPR Releases First Update to General Plan Guidelines in 17 Years

Commentary & Analysis 

Four Takeaways From This Year's Housing Bills

How CEQA Helped Elect Trump

It's Time to Stop Demonization of Developers

California's Nastiest Urban-Rural Rivalry

Why Cities Should Back Off of Setbacks

Radical Left Burns Bridges amid Quest To Build Housing

Insight: Creeping Incrementalism in Housing Policy?

Tech Windfall, Deportation Order Threaten to Snap Los Angeles in Half

Housing and Transportation Aren't Separate Things

The Los Angeles Riots after 25 Years

Legal Digest 

Appellate Court Gives Malibu Voters A Harsh Lesson

Trump Order Reframes Wetlands Regulation

Prop. 218 Doesn't Apply to Initiatives

Supreme Court Hoists Jarvis On Its Own Petard

Housing Element Law Prevails in Los Gatos


Death by Gentrification: Review of 'How to Kill a City'

Searching for Los Angeles in Blade Runner 2049

Richard Florida's Reckoning: Review of The New Urban Crisis

Los Angeles Learns to Play Ball: Review of City of Dreams