An appellate court has ordered the City of Concord's Rent Review Board to reconsider a request for rent increases filed by the owner of two mobile home parks. The case deals with the base year rental rates. The owner of the Diablo Mobile Lodge and the Adobe Mobile Lodge argued that its base year rates were so low that the parks lost money. The city's Rent Review Board disagreed. Contra Costa Superior Court Judge Barbara Zuniga ruled for the city, but the First District Court of Appeal overturned the lower court. The court remanded the case to the Rent Review Board for further consideration. The appellate panel ruled that "unique and extraordinary circumstances," including artificially low rents charged by the previous owner and a temporary rent increase moratorium imposed by the city, force the city to reconsider base rates. The case is Concord Communities, L.P. v. City of Concord, Nos. A091354, A091361, 01 C.D.O.S. 7748. It was filed on August 31, 2001.