A Los Angeles County judge has invalidated an Orange County ballot initiative intended to block an airport at the former El Toro Marine Corps base. Superior Court Judge James Otero ruled that Measure F, which voters approved 2-1 in March 2000, was "fundamentally flawed and in violation of the constitution and laws of this state." Measure F required two-thirds voter approval for construction or expansion of airports, hazardous waste facilities or jails. Otero held that such a requirement "greatly impairs or wholly destroys essential government power." He ruled that the Legislature has given Boards of Supervisors exclusive authority to decide on airports. Additionally, Otero held that Measure F violated the single-subject rule, and that airport opponents should have sought repeal of Measure A from 1994, which rezoned El Toro for use as a civilian airport. After the early December decision, airport opponents said that they would both appeal the ruling and move forward with a ballot measure that repeals Measure A. The case is Citizens for Jobs and the Economy v. County of Orange, No. 00CC03205.