El Dorado County Voters rejected a measure that would restrict housing density levels and force public referendums on three proposed major residential developments. Measure A: No, 54.5% Marin County City of Fairfax Voters turned down a proposal to rezone the site of the Marin Town and Country Club to allow the construction of 45 homes and the creation of a 14.5 acre park site. Measure C, No: 77.9 %. San Diego County City of San Diego Voters overwhelmingly approved a plan to finance a $216 million expansion of the city's Convention Center. Measure A: Yes, 62%. City and County of San Francisco Two ballot measures in San Francisco were seen as attempts to rein in Mayor Willie Brown's power. Measure F requires city employees to return to City Hall after it is refurbished; Measure K set rules on conflicts of interest and competitive bidding on the Treasure Island Development Authority, and would not allow casino or card gambling on the island. Measure F: yes, 59.3% Measure K: yes, 55.5% Santa Clara County City of Santa Clara Voters approved plans for Sun Microsystems to enter into an agreement with the city to develop the former Agnews Developmental Center into a high-tech campus. Measure D: Yes, 64%. Sonoma County City of Rohnert Park A move to widen the city's urban growth boundary was handily defeated. The measure would have allowed the development of an additional 1,520 acres, and would have given the city council the power to annex land outside the boundary for residential uses without voter approval. Measure A: No, 67.6 % Sutter County A 1/2 cent sales tax to finance additional levee repairs failed by a slim margin to garner a 2/3 majority vote. Measure ii: No, 34.8%