Valery Pilmer, a former San Bernardino County land use services director, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of stealing a public document. Under the plea agreement with the county district attorney's office, Pilmer was sentenced to 300 hours of community service and retired from county employment effective October 15. Pilmer was indicted earlier this year on four felony counts relating to hiding, altering or destroying public records and lying about it in a sworn statement. The charges stem from the district attorney's long-running investigation of Rail-Cycle, a proposed Mojave Desert landfill. (See CP&DR, March 1999, December 1997, October 1997) Pilmer's attorney, Dennis Kottmeier, told the San Bernardino Sun that Pilmer did nothing wrong and that she accepted the plea agreement simply to get the matter behind her. Pilmer had been on administrative leave since the indictment. Meanwhile, the Rail-Cycle case — which allegedly involved fraud, wiretapping, burglary and other illegalities in an attempt to win approval for and open the landfill — appears to have bogged down. Some or all charges have been dismissed against four employees of project proponent Waste Management and a contract county worker. Also, a Superior Court judge ruled that prosecutors allowed their key witness to lie to a grand jury.