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Help Us Identify California's Best Places

Jun 4, 2007
One of the top 10 things that everybody loves is a top 10 list. Some people take such lists very, very seriously and get furious when, for example, their favorite Eagles' number doesn't appear on a list of top 10 songs from the 1970s. Most people take such lists with a few grains of salt.

We at CP&DR are not going to be compiling the top 10 songs from any era. But we are going to be putting together some other lists. Best downtowns. Best municipal parks. Most walkable cities. Least walkable cities. Best examples of historic district preservation. Best use of a waterfront in an urban development. You get the idea. We may limit these to the top three or five, depending on the category and the "quality" of the potential entries. Or, heck, maybe we'll blow out some to the top 20.

Do you have any ideas for top 10 lists that would interest CP&DR readers? If so, please add a comment at the bottom of this blog. If you've got top 10 lists of your own, go ahead and post those. If you're shy, feel free to email me at Just remember, our universe is limited to California places. We don't much care about the best zocalo in South America, or the best Danny DiVito movie.

We intend to start running the our lists about once a month beginning in July. We might spark a little fury, but mostly we intend to have some fun.

- Paul Shigley
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