In November 1986, California Planning & Development Report was born as a four-page “sample.” We haven’t missed a month since.

Darned few publications survive for 20 years. To celebrate two decades — and to thank our loyal readers — we are publishing our most ambitious edition ever. In addition to our usual news stories, columns and updates, you’ll find reflective pieces by Publisher William Fulton and Associate Editor John Krist. Former longtime contributor Stephen Svete makes a return with a provocative column about new urbanism. Charter subscribers Marsha Rood and Peter Detwiler provide guest commentaries. Larry Sokoloff and I bring you up to date on a number of projects and controversies that CP&DR has followed over the years.

We also have collected some of our favorite stories from the past two decades. Included in this “greatest hits” section, which begins on Page 26, is our original coverage of the landmark Supreme Court decisions in Nollan and First English. See if you think we got it right.

You will also find a 1995 Ken Jost piece about the lack of a firm legal definition for the taking of property rights. Ken, our Supreme Court correspondent, could have written essentially the same piece yesterday. We’ve also included two classic Morris Newman columns. I hope our friends in the fair City of Lancaster can forgive us.

What you have in your hands, I think, is an excellent resource for anyone interested in California land use. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again next month.

- Paul Shigley