Need to know where you can find the Timberland Productivity Act in state law? How about the statute governing specific plans? Want to know what the heck the Mills Act really offers to owners of historic properties? Can't figure out where to locate an appellate court opinion that was issued in 1999?

Then you need "The Quick List," a glossary of statutes pertaining to local government that also provides guidance on retrieving public documents, as well as links to useful government, planning and policy websites. The 28-page document is a very helpful reference guide for anyone with an interest in local government or land use matters.

Compiled by the state Senate Local Government Committee, "The Quick List" has been around since the 1980s, and legislative staffers, government officials, lobbyists and journalists have been relying on it ever since. Staff members and Senate fellows have updated and expanded the document over the years, and the latest and greatest version hit the streets in February.

"The Quick List" is available right here.

– Paul Shigley