Voters in the Santa Clara County city of Morgan Hill have changed their minds and approved a growth control modification to permit additional housing development in the downtown area. Measure A keeps in place Morgan Hill's population cap of 48,000 by 2020, but permits 500 more units downtown than had been allowed.

In November 2008, the nearly identical Measure H failed by 10 votes. When the governor called a special election, the City Council quickly placed Measure A on the May 19 ballot. This time supporters ran a more aggressive campaign, winning 58.8% of the vote.

Downtown Morgan Hill has rebounded during recent years, but city officials and a downtown association say the district would benefit from additional private investment and a built-in base of residents to patronize businesses.

A residential development control system first approved by voters 30 years ago limited downtown development. Measure A modifies the growth-control system in a fashion that supporters say encourages "smart growth," mixed-use development and housing that appeals to a broader demographic than Morgan Hill's single-family subdivisions. City councilmembers envision a bustling, walkable neighborhood and often point to nearby Los Gatos as a model.