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Shall We Comply With SB 375 Or Drive Less Instead?

Jun 11, 2009

It seems to me that, like so many otherpolicy initiatives,this whole SB 375 thing can either be a bureaucratic nightmare or a useful way to move forward. We can devote an enormous amount of time and attention to figuring out how to comply with the law ... or we can figure out how to drive less.

How do you focus on the second instead of the first? I put some thought into that while preparing a recent speech to a gathering in Ontario sponsored by the Leonard Transportation Center at Cal State San Bernardino. Amazingly, there were more than 100 people dweebie enough to attend this event on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend.

The panel that followed me included regional officials I quoted in my blog after the event, which not everybody liked. To be fair, Ty Schuiling of SANBAG didn't just rail at SB 375 as being an inefficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; he also showed the transit-oriented developments that SANBAG is pursuing no matter what, especially along proposed bus rapid transit lines.

The video doesn't show the presentation slides, but you can easily find those here.

Bill Fulton