California Water Projects and Urban Water Supplies: Environmental Compliance Requirements and Practical Approaches

Efficient environmental review and permitting of water projects has become more important than ever, given regulatory restrictions and drought conditions that are increasingly limiting the state's water supplies. Currently, state law requires large development projects to prove they have sufficient water supplies. The objectives of this course are to provide an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of the complexities of environmental compliance for water projects and urban water supplies, as well as provide practical guidance on navigating the legal and regulatory maze. Participants will learn how California water projects and urban water supplies are affected by regulatory and recent case law requirements of SB 610 and SB 221 of 2001, water rights law, CEQA, the Endangered Species Act, and Clean Water Act Section 404. Participants will also learn how global climate change is changing environmental compliance for water projects and urban water supplies, and how to prepare comprehensive environmental permit strategies. 

Class will be held Thursday, December 10 at the Figueroa Courtyard in downtown Los Angeles.  For more information or to enroll, please contact UCLA Extension Public Policy at (310) 825-7885, or by visiting and referencing course code V3322.