The Governor's Office of Planning and Research released updates of two reference documents in December – the 2010 edition of "Planning, Zoning and Development Laws," and the 2010 version of the "Planners' Book of Lists."

The 370-page collection of laws contains summaries of new planning, zoning and development laws, as well as summaries of pertinent attorney general's opinions from 2009. The introduction states, "OPR staff receives hundreds of requests for technical assistance each year from local planning agencies. In an effort to address some of these technical assistance requests, the ‘2010 Planning, Zoning, and Development Laws' is comprised not only of state planning and zoning laws, but also excerpts from related statutes."

The "Book of Lists" contains all the usual contact information for local, regional, state and federal agencies, as well as general plan status reports. The document also provides the results from OPR's annual survey of planners, which this time concerned regional planning efforts, local transportation planning, climate change issues, energy and water conservation planning, and funding for planning.

Both publications may be downloaded for free from the OPR website,