In a hastily called press conference to roll out the 2012-2013 budget on Thursday afternoon, Gov. Jerry Brown said he would consider funding redevelopment only if the Legislature brings him offsetting cuts.

The California Redevelopment Association is seeking legislation that would postpone the elimination of RDAs beyond the February 1 date set by the state Supreme Court last week. In response to a reporter's question about whether Brown would support an extension "for a few months," Brown said:

"Our position is the Supreme Court has invalidated AB 1x 27 and we're left with AB 1x 26 and that's the way it stands. I know that people have concerns about ecoonomic development and housing, and I'll be glad to hear whatever thoughts people can bring forward. But, remember, we cut out redevelopment not because I dislike redevelopment – I don't exactly – but we are short of money, and we're just saying core services trump the redevelopment program. And if people want to add back spending, we're going to have to find that substitute, because if we're gonna finance redevelopment, we've got to get the money from somebody."