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Legislative Attempt to Delay RDA Dissolution Fails

Josh Stephens on
Jan 27, 2012

Despite intense lobbying from supporters of redevelopment, Senate Bill 659, sponsored by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Los Angeles) appears headed for defeat. Senate President Pro Tem Darrel Steinberg (D-Sacramento) yesterday told the Sacramento Bee, "It's not going to happen." 

The bill would have delayed dissolution until April 15, allowing agencies and cities more time to organize their affairs. Steinberg said that the bill does not have enough support and that it would likely not even come up for a vote. Many have complained that the Feb. 1 deadline imposed by the Dec. 29 Supreme Court ruling has come far too quickly and that dissolution will not be a smooth process. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Jerry Brown has said, "I don't think we should delay this funeral," referring to the demise of redevelopment. Without the governor's support, SB 659 was largely a moot point.

Some are speculating that Brown intends to support a new version of redevelopment but that he wants to wipe away the old system so that lawmakers can fashion a new, reformed system from scratch. 

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