There's been a lot of redevelopment news around the state this week:

DOF at your service:

Santa Barbara ordered to sell parking lots and train depot.


Modesto can't use redevelopment funds to pay off bonds for downtown projects.

Ukiah surrenders Costco site to successor agency.


... Meanwhile, Lois Wolk seeks to eliminate voter approval for Infrastructure Finance Districts ...


Housing setaside legacy projects

NoHo apartment complex opens.

Affordable housing project opens near Alkali Flats in Sacramento


... On a sad note, redevelopment lawyer Tim Sabo passes away ...


And on the lighter side ...

Sacramento's Mermaid bar -- sometimes used as Exhibit A in the fight over redevelopment in 2011 -- is up for sale. You can read Bill Fulton's defense of subsidizing the Mermaid bar as sound public policy here.

And finally ... deep down you knew it was true: Retailers are the big losers in the death of redevelopment.