Out of the many land use measures on California ballots, we profiled some picks at http://www.cp-dr.com/articles/node-3613, and here we're offering a tracking grid of key measures for use in keeping score. The following is by county in alphabetical order.

Key links for your convenience if you don't see a measure listed here: Secretary of State, directory of county elections offices; Ballotpedia, local ballot measures.


Measure 1. Water bond. (Sacramento Bee early election report here.)

Yes: 66.8%          No: 33.2%          Percent Reporting: 100% of precincts "partially reporting"

Measure 2. "Rainy day" fund.

Yes: 68.7%          No: 31.3%          Percent Reporting: 100% of precincts "partially reporting"

Secretary of State's office, election results page: http://vote.sos.ca.gov/returns/ballot-measures/

Alameda County


Measure BB. Would institute a transportation commission sales tax and implement a 30-year 2014 Alameda County Transportation Expenditure Plan, significantly to pay for extending BART to Livermore. Would renew existing half-cent sales tax and add another half-cent for a one-cent transportation funding tax until 2015. (Needs 2/3 majority.)

Yes: 69.56%          No: 30.44%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure F. A special parks tax would raise the existing levy by 16.7% for parks funding. (Needs 2/3 majority.)

Yes: 74.90%          No: 25.10%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure R. Zoning ordinances for downtown Berkeley construction, including requirements of community benefits in exchange for exceeding maximum height limits.

Yes: 26.13%          No: 73.87%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure S. Would cancel redistricting map approved by City Council in 2013. A "Yes" vote approves the redistricting map as adopted by City Council; a "No" vote requires the council to adopt a new redistricting plan, leaving the 2002 districting in place for the interim.

Yes: 64.16%          No: 35.84%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure T. The "2014 Let Dublin Decide Initiative" would set the stage for annexation of Doolan Canyon and partly override prior conservation measures.

Yes: 17.21%          No: 82.79%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Union City:

Measure KK. Complies with Hillside Area Plan by submitting a proposal for 63 acres of senior-focused development to the voters.

Yes: 34.86%          No: 65.14%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Alameda County election results will be posted at: http://www.acgov.org/rov/elections/20141104/.

El Dorado County

Cameron Estates:

Measure D. Authorizes the city to increase the Cameron Estates Community Services District parcel tax by $100 annually, to a total of $350 per parcel, to fund road improvements and maintenance. (Needed 2/3 to pass.)

Yes: 59.67%          No: 40.33%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure M. Would prohibit construction of any housing developments of five parcels or more unless CalTrans certifies that two preconditions exist: first, that the stretch of Highway 50 west of Placerville has traffic levels that do not reach Level of Service F, and, second, that traffic will remain at an LOS above F in the foreseeable future. Would prohibit rezoning of land currently designated as farming or open space for other purposes. Limits up zoning low-density residential areas, creates exemptions for non-residential and ag-related development.

Yes: 42.06%          No: 57.94%          Percent Reporting:  100%

Measure N. Framed as a competing alternative to Measures M and O. Would extend Measure Y slow-growth restrictions but opponents allege it would change the General Plan to allow more development in some areas.

Yes: 25.00%          No: 75.00%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure O. Would rezone a large portion of the county from "Community Region" to a "Rural" designation, changing the required traffic Level of Service of D instead of E.

Yes: 33.20%          No: 66.80%          Percent Reporting:  100%

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (Parts of El Dorado, Placer, Nevada Counties):

Measures U and E: Would authorize $62 million in bonds financing to update existing facilities, to be paid by an increase in annual property taxes of $29.75 per $100,000  of assessed value.

Measure E results by county (requires 55% to pass):

El Dorado County: Yes: 54.63%         No: 45.37%         Percent Reporting: 100%

Placer County: Yes: 59.05%          No: 40.95%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure U results by county:

Nevada County: Yes: 52.30%          No: 47.70%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Placer County: Yes: 51.97%          No: 48.03%          Percent Reporting: 100%

El Dorado County election results will be posted at: http://elections.edcgov.us/results.fwx

Placer County results: http://www.placerelections.com/election-night-results.aspx

Nevada County results: http://www.mynevadacounty.com/nc/elections/Pages/November-4-2014-Election-Information.aspx

Humboldt County

Measure P. "Genetic Contamination Prevention Ordinance" would define as a public nuisance the act of growing genetically modified organisms in the county, with an exemption for research institutions that contain their work. GMO human foods, animal feeds, and medicines would be allowed into the county.

Yes: 59.43%          No: 40.57%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Humboldt County election results will be posted at: http://www.humboldtgov.org/890/Elections-Voter-Registration

Lake County

Measure O. The "Medical Marijuana Control Act," one of many marijuana regulation items on local ballots, competing with Measure P. An attempt to limit cultivation to a scale consistent with personal medical use.

Yes: 36.5%          No: 63.5%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure P. The "Freedom to Garden Human Rights Restoration Act" would recognize a "fundamental self evident right to have and grow the natural plants of this earth," with possible anti-GMO implications in a duty to "take reasonable care to prevent environmental destruction". Would preempt the competing Measure O and many regulations imposed on medical marijuana by the currently applicable Measure N.

Yes: 32.0%          No: 68.0%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Lake County election results will be posted at: http://www.co.lake.ca.us/Government/Directory/ROV.htm

Los Angeles County

Santa Monica:

Measure D. Would prohibit new development of Santa Monica Airport property without voter approval.

Yes: 41.70%          No: 58.30%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure LC. Competing with Measure D, placed on the ballot by the city Airport Development Council, would also prohibit new development on the site without voter approval, but would except parks and related facilities, and would also "affirm the City Council's authority to manage the Airport and to close all or part of it."

Yes: 59.73%          No: 40.27%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure FS. Would raise registration fees for rent-controlled landlords from $174.96 to amounts of up to $288 per unit per year, allowing half of each unit's fee to be passed through to its tenant.

Yes: 51.50%          No: 48.50%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure H. Would raise the local real estate transfer tax from $3 to $9 per thousand of sale price, only on sale prices of $1 million or more.

Yes: 42.20%          No: 57.80%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure HH. Advisory measure whether proceeds from the single-H measure should be spent on affordable housing.

Yes: 50.10%          No: 49.90%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure P

Parcel tax of $23 per year per land parcel, for park funding.

Yes: 62.04%          No: 37.96%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure R. Would require voter approval for any commercial project of more than 20,000 square feet. Supported by film director Rob Reiner.

Yes: 59.27%          No: 40.73%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Santa Clarita:

Measure S. Placed on the ballot by a petition rescind an agreement approved by the Santa Clarita City Council to remove existing billboards and replace them with three digital billboards. A "Yes" vote keeps the deal; sponsors of the petition are on the side of a "No" vote to rescind the deal.

Yes: 43.81%          No: 56.19%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Los Angeles County election results will be posted at: http://www.lavote.net/home/voting-elections/current-elections/election-results. (More direct: http://rrcc.co.la.ca.us/elect/downrslt.html-ssi.)

Mendocino County

Measure S. Fracking and water use initiative.

Yes: 67.18%          No: 32.82%           Percent Reporting: 100%

Mendocino County election results will be posted at: http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/acr/elections.htm (More direct: http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/acr/current.htm.)

Monterey County


Measure E. Would make permanent an existing temporary increase in the Transient Occupancy Tax from 10% to 12%.

Yes: 73.22%          No: 26.78%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Monterey County election results will be posted at: http://www.montereycountyelections.us/Election%20Result.htm

Orange County

Costa Mesa

Measure P. Advisory measure opposing the Highway 405 toll lanes. (A "Yes" vote opposes the toll lanes. See early election results coverage.)

Yes: 53.8%          No: 46.2%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Fountain Valley

Measure S. Transient occupancy tax increase

Yes: 39.7%          No: 60.3%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure V. Parks accountability measure related to management of Irvine Great Park.

Yes: 88.7%          No: 11.3%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Newport Beach

Measure Y. Amendment of Newport Beach General Plan, Land Use Element

Yes: 30.7%          No: 69.3%          Percent Reporting: 100%


Measure HH. Increase in Hotel Room Tax

Yes: 52.5%          No: 47.5%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Orange County election results will be posted at: http://www.ocvote.com/results/current-election-results/

Sacramento County:


Measure D. Tax to support "Public Safety and Parks and Recreation projects and services." (Needs 2/3 vote.)

Yes: 60.22%          No: 39.78%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Rancho Cordova

Measure H. Half-cent sales tax. Proceeds are not actually restricted, but measure has been promoted as raising money to reduce "blight" on Folsom Boulevard and to assert local control.

Yes: 58.79%          No: 41.21%          Percent Reporting: 100%

City of Sacramento.

Measure L. The "Strong mayor" initiative promoted by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. Would give the mayor veto power, power to hire and fire the city manager, and other responsibilities of the city manager. Would subject the mayor to term limits and review by an independent budget analyst. Would return for a public vote in 2020.

Yes: 42.78%          No: 57.22%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Sacramento County election results will be posted at: http://www.elections.saccounty.net/Pages/default.aspx (More direct: http://www.eresults.saccounty.net/.)

San Benito County

Measure H. Vehicle registration fee to fund the Vehicle Abatement Program. (Needs 2/3 vote)

Yes: 66.90%          No: 33.10%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure I. Transient occupancy tax increase from 8% to 12%

Yes: 39.28%          No: 60.72%         Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure J. Anti-fracking measure

Yes: 57.36%          No: 42.64          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure L. Hollister transient occupancy tax increase to 12%

Yes: 32.51%          No: 67.49%          Percent Reporting: 100%

San Benito County election results will be posted at: http://results.sbcvote.us/

San Francisco County

Proposition A. $500 million bond measure for roads and transportation.

Yes: 71.23%          No: 28.77%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Proposition B. Supervisor Scott Wiener's effort to strengthen funding for San Francisco's Muni transit system in proportion to future daytime and nighttime population increases.

Yes: 61.14%          No: 38.86%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Proposition F. Would approve major redevelopment of the decayed Union Iron Works plant at Pier 70 on the southeast waterfront. Required to comply with the new Proposition B waterfront height limits.

Yes: 72.28%          No: 27.72%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Proposition G. the anti-speculation tax, would increase transfer taxes for most multi-unit residential properties resold within five years of their last purchase or transfer.

Yes: 46.01%          No: 53.99%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Proposition H. Opposing artificial turf and stadium lighting on Golden Gate Park playing fields.

Yes: 45.85%          No: 54.15%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Proposition I. In opposition to Proposition H, supporting the Golden Gate Park artificial turf and renovations.

Yes: 54.80%          No: 45.20%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure K. Affordable housing policy statement against displacement of existing city residents and in favor of finding land and money to build new affordable housing.

Yes: 65.05%          No: 34.95%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Proposition L. "Restore Transportation Balance" measure to protect car drivers' parking opportunities, restrict expansion of "demand-responsive pricing" of parking meters, and otherwise shift city priorities to favor car drivers.

Yes: 37.67%          No: 62.33%          Percent Reporting: 100%

San Francisco election results will be posted at: http://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=4414

San Luis Obispo County

Pismo Beach:

Measure H. "Area R Development Standards General Plan Amendment." Would increase voter control over the Price Canyon area, outside the town of Pismo Beach but within its sphere of influence. Responds to the "Spanish Springs" golf/residential development proposal.

Yes: 65.70%          No: 34.30%          Percent Reporting: 100%

San Luis Obispo County election results will be posted at: http://www.slocounty.ca.gov/clerk/Elections/ElectionsInfo/110414GeneralElection.htm

Santa Barbara County

Measure O. Would increase county's transient occupancy tax from 10% to 12.5%.

Yes: 41.49%          No: 58.51%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure P. Anti-fracking ballot measure, in a county with an oil industry.

Yes: 39.29%          No: 60.71%          Percent Reporting: 197 precincts of 250

Santa Barbara County election results will be posted at: http://www.sbcassessor.com/Elections/UpcomingElections.aspx

Santa Clara County

Measure B. Would increase City of Palo Alto Transient Occupancy Tax from 12% to 14% and dedicate the funding to infrastructure improvements.

Yes: 75.61%          No: 24.39%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Measure Q. Would raise funds over 15 years to preserve open space across San Jose, four suburban cities, and unincorporated areas.

Yes: 67.03%          No: 32.97%          Percent Reporting: 100%

Santa Clara County election results will be posted at: http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CA/Santa_Clara/54209/144518/Web01/en/summary.html