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Santa Barbara APA Report: Clamshell Planning

Housing, Ministerial

The Coming Uberapocalypse

AB 5, Mobility , Ride-Hailing, Ridesharing

Thunberg's Voyage May Be a Stunt, But She Has a Point for Planners

Climate Change

Scooters Offer Chance to Rethink Urban Rights of Way

Mobility, Scooters, Streets

The Paradoxes of California's Fastest-Growing City

Demographics, Dublin, Growth, Housing

Sometimes Civic Ambition Should Aim Lower

Downtowns, San Jose, Sprawl

How an Arizona Outpost Quenches California's Thirst

Colorado River , Water

Bay Area Planning Directors Consider "Common Destiny" at APA Panel

Bay Area, Housing, Planning Directors

A Mayoral Lesson in Jobs-Housing Balance

Commuting, Housing , Santa Monica

High Speed Rail is Dead, Long Live High Speed Rail

Gavin Newsom, High Speed Rail