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Legal Briefs: Cal Supremes Won't Take SB 35 Case

Berkeley, California Supreme Court, Housing, SB 35


Another CEQA Loss For UC Berkeley

Baseline, Berkeley, CEQA, University of California


SB 35 Upheld By Appellate Court

Berkeley, Historic Preservation, Housing, Native Americans, SB 35


Ending Single-Family Zoning Is Only Step One

Berkeley, Housing, Houston, Sacramento, Single-Family Zoning


How Berkeley Will Move Away From Single-Family Zoning

Berkeley, Duplexes, Housing, RHNA, Single-Family Zoning


CEQA Applies To All Enrollment Increases

Berkeley, CEQA, UC Regents


COVID Crisis Revives Debate About How Public Space Is Used

Berkeley, COVID-19, Oakland, Tactical Urbanism


Housing Crisis Turns School Districts Into Developers

Berkeley, Housing , Mountain View, San Francisco, San Jose, Schools


Another CEQA Exemption Upheld in Berkeley Hillsides

Alquist-Priolo Act, Berkeley, CEQA


Insight: What Berkeley Case Tells Us About SB 35

Berkeley, CEQA, Housing, SB 35

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