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Newsom Considers Revival of Redevelopment and Anti-Moratorium Bills

Housing, Legislation, Zoning


Drug Recovery Residences Subject to Zoning

Dana Point, Sober Living, Zoning


90-Day Lawsuit Rule In PZDL Applies Broadly, Court Says

Del Mar, Housing, PZDL, Zoning


Zoning Not Automatically Subject To CEQA, Cal Supremes Say

CEQA, Marijuana, San Diego, Zoning


Hesperia Beats Special District On Solar Control

Hesperia, Solar Energy, Zoning


Is The End of Zoning Near?

Euclid v. Ambler, Houston , Minneapolis, Scott Wiener, Zoning


Marin Quarry's Non-Conforming Status Prevents Expansion

CEQA, Marin County, Non-conforming use, Quarry, San Rafael, Zoning


Rooster Limit Is Constitutional

Monterey County, Roosters, Zoning


Sacramento Gets Tough Around Light-Rail Stops

Sacramento, Transit, Zoning


Temporary Zoning-GP Inconsistency Is OK, Cal Supremes Rule

General Plan, Morgan Hill, Referendum, Zoning

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