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Are Blacks Getting Crowded Out?

African-American, Antioch, Census, Oakland


The Plex Paradox

Duplexes, Oakland, Sacramento, Single-Family Zoning, Zoning


COVID Crisis Revives Debate About How Public Space Is Used

Berkeley, COVID-19, Oakland, Tactical Urbanism


Downtown Oakland Plan Seeks to Promote Affordability, Diversity, Arts

Downtown, Oakland, Specific Plans


Oakland Study Touts Benefits of Community-Oriented Transit Oriented Development

Oakland, Public Transit, TOD


California Cities, Counties Grapple With Cannabis

Marijuana, Oakland, Orange County, San Francisco


Freeway Caps May Reshape California Urban Areas

Caltrans, Freeways, Glendale, Los Angeles, Oakland, Santa Monica, SCAG, Ventura


Oakland Seeks Social Equity, Efficient Spending from New Department of Transportation

Jeff Tumlin, Oakland, Transportation


Crematorium Woes

Conditional Use Permit, Oakland


CP&DR News Briefs, April 6, 2015: MPO's Question Grant Program; L.A. Adopts Ambitious Health Element; O.C. Told to Build More Housing, and more

Bay Area, California, Don Shoup, In Brief, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Metro, Monterey County, Oakland, Vol. 26 No. 7 Apr 1, 2011

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